Friday, October 16, 2015

5th grade close up pumpkins

This is a take on an artwork I found here. Students used red, orange, yellow, and brown oil pastel to create analogous colors to blend for highlighting their pumpkin! Students loved blending and each student had their own interpretation of the piece!

Kindergarten Self Portraits

I found this lesson at this youtube post. The students loved them!

Primary Color Mixing

We did this lesson with tempera cakes because the liquid watercolor was running! I saw this on a youtube video (I forgot to write down the link but I'll post it soon) and simplified it for the kids. They used two primary colors to decorate precut circles. Next we poked holes in the center with pencils and students were able to spin them to 'mix' the colors. On my display I used push pins so people could spin the student work! Great color theory lesson! 

Warm and Cool Leaves

Students studied a simplified version of warm and cool colors: red, orange, yellow and pink for warm, and green, blue, purple, and magenta for cool colors. Students looked at leaves and copied them onto their papers. They used either a set of warm or cool crayon colors to fill in their leaves in between the veins. The following week students used the opposite set of colors to paint the background. All paint was liquid water color by Sax.

5th Grade Tints

Students learned to mix tints of blues and violets. First, students painted a circle for the moon. Next, students used combinations of white, blue, and violet to create the sky. Students then switched to a smaller brush to paint the trees with black. All paint was liquid tempera.

Monday, April 22, 2013

3rd Grade Beautiful Bugs

These looked kind of cute but creepy! They are made from two ceramic pinch pots with holes pierced through them to insert the antennae and legs. Students painted with watercolor and acrylic paint.

5th grade Assemblage Art

These pieces were modeled after Assemblage Art. Students used macaroni, beans, wood, and ribbons to create a relief sculpture on a poster board. Then we spray painted (outside!) the art to make each one all one color. Disposable gloves help protect hands from spray paint!